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Summary of Equality Impact Assessment – Financial Proposal


Proposed Pay Protection and Salary Safeguarding Scheme for Teachers and Support Staff at Lowick and Holy Island C. of E. First Schools with effect from 1 April 2013

Date impact assessment competed:

28 January 2013

Description of proposal:

The Joint Staffing and Finance Committee has the delegated authority from the governing body to propose and consult upon the above scheme. The scheme covers payments which arise from the redeployment of staff into alternative employment, for example as a result of redundancy, school structure review, ill health etc. It includes:

-       pay protection for support staff and sets out proposals where the governing body has discretion to do;

-       salary safeguarding for teachers however the governing body does not have discretion to change these arrangements as they are statutory provisions in the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document;

-       excess travel provisions for teachers and support staff which is at the discretion of the governing body.

The governing body is required to meet such costs in all cases.

Governors involved in assessment:

Christine Vanson, John Moffat, Rev. Paul Collins and 3 other governors from the relevant governing body.

Aims of the proposal:

Governing bodies have discretion from 1 April 2013 to set their own scheme for pay protection arrangements for support staff (but not for teachers as these are statutory within the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document) and excess travel arrangements for support staff and teachers. At this stage it is not possible to anticipate what any external pay protection costs may be, however, the small size of our school means any pay protection costs may have an unexpected adverse effect on our ability to meet our financial plans. Therefore the proposal aims to minimise the number of staffing reductions that may be required and to support the future viability of the school.

Summary of impact assessment:

The EIA has not identified any potential for discrimination or adverse impact and all opportunities to promote equality have been taken.

Summary explanation:

This judgement is based on the fact that the proposal is to continue the current arrangements for all internal staff and therefore staff are not at a disadvantage. The scheme itself is not judged to be discriminatory in relation to any groups with protected characteristics. The governing body will apply the scheme fairly and consistently to ensure that it operates without a negative impact on equality.

Planned monitoring arrangements:

Any committee awarding payments that fall within this scheme will do so in line with its provisions and we will monitor any payments awarded during 2013-14, 2014 - 2015 to inform the next scheme review effective from 1 April 2015.

This summary must be published by the school, for example, on its website. The full equality impact assessment must be available on request to staff, trade union representatives and members of the public.

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